Datroo: What We Offer

Network Assessments for Voice, Video & Data


Of course your company’s communication requires quality and reliability.  Drawing upon our real-world experience and some of the top tools in the industry, we qualify networks for next generation applications.  Assessments include Voice over IP (VoIP), Video Readiness, and troubleshooting for VoIP, Video and Data.




Full Service I.T. Outsourcing


Alleviating worry about your I.T. needs.  Whether your I.T. department is understaffed or doesn’t exist, we can take responsibility for maintaining and servicing your I.T. infrastructure.  This includes email, firewall, servers, domains, and workstations, all while offering superior customer and technical service AND reducing your operating costs. 




Security Solutions


You want your security handled by experts.  Utilizing more than 15 years of experience and some of the most respected tools available, we offer a wide of array of security solutions to meet your needs.  Including Firewalls/VPNs, Content Filters Email Security, Network Access Control, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, Wireless Authentication, and Security Audits.  We also offer the design, configuration, implementation, and service of these solutions.




Local Area Network Solution


Interconnect your computers effectively.  We offer design, configuration, implementation, and service of LAN products and solutions.  This includes Switches, Routers, Wireless Access Points and Point-to-Point Wireless Bridges.




Wide Area Network Solutions,  Optimization and Compression


Maximize your network for productivity.  Connect between buildings and offices (MPLS, Point to Point T1s, Frame Relay, Fiber, Metro Ethernet, Wireless, and/or free space Optical and Microwave, or a customized offering).  We will also work with your staff to discover important applications and optimize your connectivity.  Why?  To ensure you make the most out of your bandwidth, because increasing bandwidth may not be the first or best solution to meet your needs.




Network Monitoring


Leave the network worries to Datroo.  WAN/LAN equipment, servers and PCs and even your hosted cloud service.  Set the service-level agreement based on your business needs from onsite monitoring with notifications, to cloud-based monitoring with notifications. We can customize the solution and notifications to meet your specific business needs. Our proactive monitoring can identify and fix a problem in many cases before you even knew there was an issue, saving you valuable time and money.




SCADA Solutions


We can solve your frustration with multiple sites and/or large distances.  Through Integra, “Complex SCADA made simple”. We offer a full-featured Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition platform.  Its web-based user interface makes it easy to view both historical and real-time data… anytime, anywhere.  Built for system dispatchers, operators, and other corporate users, Integra provides all the benefits of traditional SCADA and HMI packages while eliminating the burden of proprietary equipment and software.



VoIP Solutions


Reduce your monthly phone cost.  We are a Cisco Select Certified Partner for SMB Unified Communications, including Cisco IP Phones and Call Manager Express.  Among our vendors are well known names such as NEC, Avaya, and Toshiba phone solutions.


Video Conferencing


Reduce travel yet ensure face-to-face communication.  We offer HD communication solutions to meet the needs of your company.  Our video conferencing options increase effectiveness of distributed teams without the time and cost of travel.


Storage Solutions


Make your data more manageable.  If your storage system is the modern day equivalent to disorganized and dusty boxes, we can help optimize access and utilization of your data. Need more storage, planning for the future, or help consolidating data?  Our solutions can improve performance in your dynamic data center.  Plus, we can assess and troubleshoot your storage needs.




Simplify the complexity of your system, thus saving you time and money.  The benefits of virtualization include reducing hardware costs, time reductions in server provisioning, improved recovery from disaster, reductions in upgrade and maintenance expenses including a faster release of important applications.  We offer Virtual solutions which make dollars and cents for your business.