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The last I.T. partner you will ever need.

Datroo finds technology solutions for your I.T. needs to enable your company to reach its business goals. We strive to increase the productivity of your employees and reduce their stress so they can focus on their jobs.


Each Datroo employee is professionally certified, trained and experienced in his or her discipline, including MCSA for Microsoft, VCP for VMware, and CCNA and CCDA for Cisco. Datroo customers benefit from our unique standard of expertise.

We Make I.T.

We believe our process is the best in the industry. Datroo assesses your I.T. challenges, determines the answers to your needs, designs and tests solutions on our enterprise-level equipment, and installs and maintains the infrastructure that’s right for you.

As a full-service professional services company, which supports advanced networking needs for businesses, we are your first stop for “Making I.T. Better.”


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Network Assessments

We qualify networks for next-generation applications, including Voice over IP (VoIP), video readiness, and trouble-shooting for VoIP, video and data.

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Managed I.T. Services

We maintain your I.T. infrastructure, including email, servers, domains and workstations while reducing your operating costs.

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Security Solutions

We use some of the best tools in the industry, including firewalls/VPNs, content filters, email security, network access control, intrusion detection and wireless authentication.

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LAN Solutions

Datroo offers design, configuration, implementation and service of LAN products and solutions, including switches, routers, wireless access points, and point-to-point wireless bridges.

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WAN Solutions

We will discover important applications and optimize connectivity to get the most from your bandwidth because simply increasing bandwidth is not always the best solution.

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Network Monitoring

Our proactive monitoring identifies and fixes problems often before you are aware of them to save you time and money.

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SCADA Solutions

We offer a full-featured Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition platform to make it easy for you to view both historical and real-time data.

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VoIP Solutions

Reduce your monthly phone cost, overhead expenses, and streamline your workflow with reliable, flexible and intuitive communications solutions

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Video Conferencing

Datroo offers HD video conferencing that ensures face-to-face communications for distributed teams without the time and cost of travel.

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Storage Solutions

We can help optimize access and utilization of your data. Datroo solutions will improve performance in your dynamic data center.

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Our virtual solutions reduce costs of hardware, reduce time in server provisioning, improve recovery from disaster, and reduce expenses for upgrades and maintenance.

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Cloud Services

Our fully-managed cloud services provide easy, scalable access to applications and resources.

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By the Numbers


Service calls that get outsourced. All calls to the Datroo help desk are answered and worked by Datroo employees.


Approximate combined number of connected devices of Datroo customers, including PCs, mobile devices, servers and network equipment.


Age in years of the historic Boyd Building in downtown Abilene, Texas, where Datroo headquarters is located.


Percent of Datroo employees who are professionally certified in their I.T. discipline.


Percent of clients who retain Datroo as their I.T. partner.

Technology Partners

Making I.T. Better

In today’s rapidly-changing technology, Datroo is your trusted source for the latest I.T. solutions.  We will find and implement the right answers to all of your needs.  Don’t wait until a major issue arises.  Watch this brief video to learn how Datroo can help you.

Our Team recommends Datroo Technologies and the work they do related to meeting IT needs. You can’t go wrong with choosing Datroo Technologies! Their staff is professional and knowledgeable. They live by their motto and do “Make I.T. Better”! – A Multi location Child Care Facility




You’ll find satisfied customers of Datroo Technologies from east to west and north to south across the U.S. and also in Canada.  Currently we serve a growing list of clients in 10 states with our unique brand of prompt , proficient customer service.  Our customers are located in four of the nine largest cities in the nation, including Chicago, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

Tell Us About Your I.T. Challenges:

Don’t wait until a major issue arises. Call or email today to learn about the Datroo difference.

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