Datroo: Industries

Oil & Gas

  • Size of companies we serve:  From publicly traded companies to single offices
  • Among the needs of our clients:  From no connectivity to centralized communications.
  • Geographic areas:  U. S. and Canada


Just one example of our work: 


A Texas based drilling company contacted Datroo Technologies for their data and voice needs.  Within a year, we worked on more than 25 sites to introduce WAN, LAN and Inner Office Routing.   Datroo also built in redundancy of their system, which simply means no down time for maintenance and repair thus allowing business to continue as usual. 


What they say about Datroo Technologies, “We appreciate their professionalism and timely manner.”  Due to our quality service, the drilling company has retained our services for future upgrades.

Datroo offers a process which ensures everything is ready to go when they are on your site.  We don’t “play” in your system, because we lab test everything at our offices first; saving you time and disruption. 


  • Size of companies we serve: small to large.  We serve environmental, construction, civil, and power & light.
  • Among the needs of our clients:  the full gamut of our service offerings.
  • Geographic areas:  U. S.


An example of our work: 


A Texas based engineering firm realized their need for a fully outsourced I.T. department and called Datroo to fulfill the function of their I.T. staff.  Our services including everything from buying and setting up PCs, managing servers, hosted email solutions email archiving, and interoffice communications.


We understand.  When you are a CEO, you expect your IPhone to work, as well as having access to work files. Your employees need the same type of connectivity. Our team goes the extra mile to ensure you are as connected to your business as your business requires connection to meet your customers’ needs.


Energy- Wind, Coal & Gas

  • Among the needs of our clients:  Ability to transmit polling information, data & voice.
  • Geographic areas:  U. S. and Canada


Just one example of our work: 


A wind energy company working in Texas and Nebraska had a need to transmit polling information to TXU.  Datroo Technologies stepped to the forefront to design a SCADA communication system allowing the data to be seen by the power grid, offering full telemetry. The wind energy company has the control and TXU has the data they need.  Our customer says, “Datroo are the only guys who should do it.” 


When you are looking for a specially designed system which can be implemented quickly and effectively, Datroo Technologies has the expertise you need.



  • Size of companies we serve:  From school systems to school regions and higher education
  • Among the needs of our clients:  I.T. staffing to hosting educational applications
  • Geographic areas:  U. S. and Canada


Just two examples of our work:


A Colorado based regional school system (one of the largest in the region) asked Datroo to perform a VoIP analysis and to troubleshoot their issues across all of the campuses.  Based on recent events, the school system also asked Datroo to provide a plan regarding emergency services.
Datroo fully met their expectations, including their communications concerns with targeted solutions.  The school system is pleased with the work and recommending Datroo Technologies across the State.


A college located in Texas called upon Datroo to source their I.T. needs on more than 450 units.  This included implementation and hosting of their Moodle account.  The ability to please administration and faculty is unusual; however Datroo met the task by providing an on-site employee to provide support.  We are pleased we continue to service the account today.
Whether you are a rural or regional system, or a 2-yr or 4-yr college/university, Datroo Technologies understands your needs and can strengthen your systems through analysis and implementation of cost effective solutions.



  • Size of companies we serve:  small to large, including up to a 40,000 member credit union
  • Among the needs of our clients:  security audits and creating systems which tie back to the Federal Reserve
  • Geographic area:  U. S.


An example of our work: 


A Texas based Credit Union asked Datroo to perform a security audit as well as internal and external scans across their sites in multiple cities.  Datroo Technologies contracted for involvement to set up firewalls, switching, routers, purchasing, configuration, and installation…offering end-to-end full service. 


Keeping financial data secure is the key to success in cyber-security.  The team at Datroo Technologies understands your needs due to experience with the infrastructure required for secure military installations.  In fact, it’s exactly this experience and understanding which we utilize to keep your data safe.