About Us

As a full-service professional services company which supports advanced networking needs for businesses, we are your first stop for “Making I.T. Better”.

At Datroo Technologies, we are uniquely different in the quality and level of service we provide. We pride ourselves on integrity and honesty when dealing with our valued customers.

Our goal is to respond quickly to a customer's needs while being accurate in our solutions.

Since 2004, we have worked with businesses in the realm of I.T, to provide solutions that are not only cost effective but make your company more efficient and profitable. 

Our team has experience ranging from complete hardware, software, and system design for government communication systems and networks, working with large commercial networks with as many as 2200 nodes with Bell Labs, and installing VOIP in its earliest beginnings.   

Datroo Technologies has been hired to work on projects in network analysis, network security, advanced routing, switching, application optimization and resolving other networking companies' failed VOIP installations all across the United States.

Datroo Technologies is the one to call when you are looking for network assessments for voice, video & data, full service I.T. outsourcing, security solutions, advanced solutions for LAN/WAN and Server monitoring,  optimization and compression, Network Monitoring,  SCADA solutions, VoIP, video conferencing, storage solutions and Virtualization. 

Our industry experience has brought us in contact with a wide range of quality vendors.  We know how to collaborate and communicate with them for the best possible solution for our customer, throughout the United States and Canada.